About Us

SADAT MAHAN Chemical Co. began its activities with household pesticides productions. The factory was built in Industrial Zone of Arak city in 1992 and officially began its productions by insecticide liquid. We are proud that we have been able to increase our product list every year to satisfy our customers and we have successfully added spray, powder, chalks, tablets and granule to our household pesticides as well. We started a new field in our activities by green oil (aquafortis) production which uses for fruits dehydration specially grapes, to provide raisins after import of potassium carbonate from Italy for aquafortis production. Now we are the biggest manufacturer and distributor of green oil in Iran. In 2006 MAHAN Co. acquired formulated products import license from Plant Protection Organization and began importing agricultural formulated pesticides from various countries. After getting the formulation license from PPO in 2008, the company launched agrochemical productions. SADAT MAHAN Chemical Co. is currently able to produce pesticides with different formulations (WP,SC, DS, ME, GR,...) and with these production lines and equipment, can produce insecticide, herbicide, acaricide, fungicide and veterinary pesticide.

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