مهامترین دامی


Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin 10%

Other Ingredient: Emulsifier and Solvent 90%

Combination: 1 liter Mahamethrin contains 100 grams Cypermethrin


Its used against cattle and poultries ectoparasits such as flies, fleas, scabies and louses . Also it can eradicate all parasites which are resistant to Organophosphate, Chlorinated and Carbamate pesticides. 


1-Avoid contacting with pesticide

2-If clothes and skin are contaminated accidentaly, wash them with plenty of water.

3-In order to avoid recontamination its necessary to  bath and spray all the flock simultaneously and spray farm and all equipments with Cypermethrin 10% .

4-Do not spray or bath during rainy weather

5-In case of heavy rain its necessary to repeat spraying and bathing after 24 hours

6-Spray young cattles which their age are less than 4 weeks separately with perfect attention.

7-Avoid using mahamethrin for sick, weak and thirsty cattles.