rat glue

چسب موش

Ralak (Rat glue)

Made in Italy ordered by Sadat mahan chemical company




Ralak rats and mice glue is unique since, besides remaining sticky for long time, it doesn’t dry up and is weather proof (warer and humidity)

Ralak rats and mice glue is safe provided that is used appropriately and following the bellow-mentioned instruction. If you get dirty, wipe it off with vegetable oil or suitable solvent.


1-  Sqeeze the tube and spread the glue in a zigzag pattern all over a broad made of wood or carton. Wait around 30 minutes until the glue has completely spread over the entire surface.

2-  In order to increase the attractiveness of the trap, place in the middle of it a food bait (cheese, biscuits, ect).

3- Place the trap along walls, hiding it behind objects, like a piece of furniture or drawer or anywhere that mice pass.

4- Once caugh the animal, dispose of the trap into the rubbish bin.

Package: Tube (Net weight: 135 grams)