Berelex tablets

About Berelex:

Berelex contains the growth regulator Gibberellins acid. It exists naturally in all plants. This tablet practically safe for human and the environment and it can be used  for most of fruits and vegetables.

This product consists of a 10 -gr tablet 9.6% which is Gibberellins acid.

This means that each Berelex tablet contains 1 gr active ingredient.

Due to the way Berelex works, it has an effect on cell, splitting; cell stretching and cell building and it forms fruits fiber too.

Application time:

a) Single application: at 25% open flower.

b) Split application: at 25% open flower and repeat at 50% open flower.

Application rate:

Prepare a spray solution by using 22 tablets in 1000 L water. ( each tablet in 40 to 45 L)

1) At 25% open flower it is usually possible to see what proportion are frosted. Also it can be used if 80% of the flowers are frosted.

2) Split application has the advantage that the second spray can be omitted if pollination conditions becomes favorable.

3) Treated fruits have good quality and taste but may be seedless and slightly different shape.

4) If you use Berelex tablet on frosted blooms or when the whole fruit set is black it is possible to have a positive effect.