Mahan Deltametrine 5% EC


Active Ingredient:

Deltametrine 5% EC

Chemichal group: Pyrethroid

Combination: Per liter emulsifiable consists of 50 grams deltametrine

Mode of action:

deltametrine  is none- systemic with contact and stomach action.

Medical properties:

Deltametrine has properties such as desirable and wide influences, rapid effect, low toxicity for mammal, rapid metabolization and excretion from animals body.



Control and treatment of mites, flies, louses and scab in cows and sheep.


Avoidance period:

There isn’t any restriction  in cow's milk consumption while sheep and goat's milk isn’t suitable for human uses.

Avoid  using cow's meat for 3 days and sheep and goat's meat for 4 days.


How to use:


Use as spray : Spray toxin solution on animal body upto soak all the body

Cow shower: put  each cow in mite bath for 15 seconds and sink cow's head three times in solution.

Sheep shower: use this shower 3 or 4 weeks after shearing, after recovery of scratches and growing wools upto 2-4 cm. keep each sheep 30 seconds in solution or put its head twice in solution.

Drug interactions

Do not use this toxin with other cholin esterase blocker

It is incompitable with alcalin products. But its fine to use it with other Organophosphate


Avoid doing this prosses for tired, unwell and sick cattle.