In 2006, the company acquired license from Plant Protection Organization and began production of agrochemical. Now the company is able to produce all kinds


Mahan Green Oil

Green oil is mixed with potassium carbonate to make aquafortis. This solution is used to dehydrate fruits specially grapes to produce aquafortis raisins.


Veterinary Pesticide

MAHAN company has begun to produce veterinary pesticide including Mahamethrin, Phoxim and Deltamethrin 5% since 2009. Which are used against parasites,


About us

SADAT MAHAN Chemical Co. began its activities with household pesticides productions. The factory was built in industrial zone of Arak city in 1992 and officially began its productions by insecticide liquid. We are proud that we have been able to increase our product list every year for customer's satisfaction and we have successfully added spray, powder, chalks, tablets and granule to our household pesticides as well.





ArrowLeft  Study the Label Carefully

Before starting the spray, study the label carefully. For further information, contact manufacturer, whose contact details are mentioned on the label. Pest and disease diagnosis have a significant role in pesticide selection and effects


ArrowLeft  Avoid Mixing Pesticide

Some pesticides must not be mixed together as it causes damages in farms and orchards. E.g. do not mix Captan with Emulsion Oil and 2,4D with Topic. Besides, avoid using Topic in alfalfa fields.


ArrowLeft  Calibration of Sprayer

Farmers and agricultural experts should be careful about setting up the sprayer before spraying. It is essential to spray once with water so that the amount of required water per each hectare can be estimated; then do the spray with recommended pesticide, otherwise, because of improper used dosage the spray won't be effective and it may cause phytotoxicity as well.

ArrowLeft  Recommendation

In farms and orchards keep a zone as a treatment witness to compare with the sprayed zone. This is mostly recommended for herbicides. Besides, water quality and PH is very important and effective in the  results.

Mahan Green Oil

Mahan Green Oil

This is a combinational product which must be mixed with potassium carbonate It is used for dehydration of grapes (to provide raisins), and apples, peaches and plums.
It is approved by the Ministry of Health and medical Training.

Mahan Cockroach killer paste

Mahan Cockroach killer paste
Mahan Cockroach killer paste is used for eradicating big cockroaches.

Manner of application:
Use a bit tube content in cockroach way
Better to use in places that the pase remains premently

Cypermethrin 10%

Mahan Cypermethrin 10% EC


Mahan Cypermethrin 10% EC  is Odorous pesticide which eradicates roaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, scorpions, crickets and other harmful insecticides.