اسپری حشره کش بدون بو

Mahan Odourless insecticide spray

Mahan Odourless insecticide is exteriminator of flies, mosquitoes and harmful insects.

Active ingredient:

Cypermethrin, Tetramethrin, D-Altethrin  and Piperonyl butoxide

Manner of application:

Shake the can before using and then  spray for 10 seconds, remove the people from room and keep doors  and windows closed for 20 minutes.

1-Avoid piercing the container and placing it close the fire

2- Avoid spraying on domestic animal and food

3- Keep in a safe place under 50°C

4-Keep away from the reach of children

5-In case of excessive inhalation, move person to fresh air and wash face and skin with soap and water.

Volume: 300 cc