اسپری سوسک کش

Mahan Roachkiller

Mahan Roachkiller  insecticide is exteriminator of roaches , ants, fleas, chiggers, centipedes and other crawling insects.

Active ingredient:

Cypermethrin, Tetramethrin

Manner of application:

Shaking the spray for some second before usage Remove people from room and spray 10 second into the air, keeping 30 cm away from insect. then keep the room close for 20 minuts.

1-Avoid piercing the spray and placing it close the fire

2- Avoid spraying on domestic animaL and food

3- Keep in a safe place  under 50°C

4-Keep away from the reach of children

5-In case of excessive inhalation, move person to fresh air and wash face and skin with soap and water.

Volume: 400 ml