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Mahan Odourless Cypermethrin 10% ME


Cypermethrin 10% ME is a new product that is most useful for poisoning of houses, hotel, hospital, factories and public places .

It  eradicates roaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, scorpions, crickets and other harmful insecticides.

Manner of application:

Pour 50 cc of Cypermethrin 10% ME in 5 L of water for (100 sq.m.) and spray on walL, doors, corners and needed places as well as dissolve 250 cc Cypermethrin 10% in 20 L water and use it in sewage.


1-Do not spray the Cypermethrin on foodstuff / containers.

2- Avoid eating and smoking during spraying.

3- Keep the remains on original can in dry and safe place and far from solar radiation.

4- In case of skin contacts , Wash it with soap and water.

Package: 250 cc, 1 L