carboxinthiram liquid

کاربوکسین تیرام مایع

Carboxin+ Thiram 40% FL



Chemical Group: Carboxin: Oxathiin carboxamide / Thiram: Dimethyldiocarbamate

Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD 50 for rats for Carboxin= 3820 mg/kg

Acute oral LD 50 for rats for Thiram = 1800 mg/kg


Carboxin: inhibits mitochondrial function by disrupting complex ll in the respiratory election transport chain.

Thiram: none specific, multi-site fungicide which inhibits numerous enzymes in fungus, resulting in subsequent inhibition of spore germination and mycelial growth.

Mode of action:              

Thiram: basic contact fungicide with protective action

Carboxin: syntetic fungicide

Uses :

Its used against wheat bunt,

For seed treatment: It is used at 2.5 L/1000 (2.5 L of trade form for seed treatment  of 1000kg seeds)

Package: Gallon : 4 L