موش کش زینک فسفاید (فسفردوزنگ)

Zinc phosphide P 80%



Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD 50 for rats = 95.7 mg/kg

Mode of action:

Its very dangerous digestive rodenticide which releases phosphine in the reaction with mineral acids

Usage method :

Use it as a bait, consist of 2g oil+ 100g wheat + 2g toxin

Put 10g of ready bait  in each rat nest

In field : its recommended to use Zinc phosphide 1-2 times in late winter and early spring and autumn after harvesting


Mice kinds

Dose of usage


Mugan mice

Tatra mice

Varamin mice

Use it according to the stated usage method

In compliance with times and repetitions

Fruit orchard




Avoid eating and Inhalating this product and also avoid eating food during baiting.

Avoid contact with your skin, eye and clothes.

Washing the clothes and body after baiting.

Extremely avoid smoking.

Never reuse the bait containers.

Keep empty containers away from water sources.

Transportation should be done according to international regulations hazardous materials.