توفوردی + ام ث پ آ

Mahan 2.4 - d+ mcpa 67.5% SL



Chemichal group:

Phenoxy carboxylic acid

Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD 50 for rats = 2100  mg/kg

Mode of action:

Selective systemic, hormone-type herbicide. Salts are readily absorbed by the leaves and roots, whilst esters are readily absorbed by the foliage. Translocation occurs, with accumulation principally at the meristematic regions of shoots and roots. Acts as a growth inhibitor


Post-emergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaf weeds in cereals, such as wheat, barely and maize.It is used at 1-2 L/ha against broad-leaf weeds. In spraying should pay attention which drops of  herbicide are not transported to broad-leaf crops by wind which causes damage. Suitable tempreture for spraying is 10-30° C . Avoid spraying up to 2-5 hours when its rainy or tempreture is less than 5° C, Spraying should be done in calm weather without any wind.

Package: 1 L